Music, Dance and Neuroscience workshops for Teens who suffer from Substance Abuse


Series of workshops that introduce teens to the positive impact of music and dance on the brain and well-being. Using singing, dancing, clapping in poly rhythms, song writing blues songs, and discussions we give teens healthy, organic and accessible ways to reach a natural “high” that could lead them to avoid and heal from substance abuse.

Preventing Bullying Workshop



Three part workshop series for building skills of inclusiveness and tolerance in schools that have experienced bullying, racial and ethnic tensions. Using music, song writing and creative expression these workshops help build student, teacher and parent awareness on the benefits of social inclusiveness and tolerance that lead to peaceful interactions, resolution and safe environments.

The World Through Music

World music record producer and Oscar winning composer Yuval Ron shares sounds, music instruments and stories from various cultures around the world.  From the Talking drum of Africa, to the trance rhythms of Morocco, to the mystical sounds of India, Israel and Persia, this course involves the children in dancing, music making and role playing. In addition to the historical background of the music, Yuval introduces the kids to concepts of compassion, oneness, social activism, care of the environment and the responsibility to each others well- being.   No music or dance experience is necessary.  No need to bring any instruments - Yuval will provide a wide variety of instruments from his world music instruments collection.

For Kids and Family:

1. Learn to Dance: Andalusian Moroccan Dance 
2. Learn to Dance: Turkish Andalusian Folklore Dance 
3. Learn to Dance: Israeli Folk Dances 
4. Learn to Drum: The Deep Contemplation Drum (Daf) from Iran (limit to 8)
5. Learn to Clap Andalusian Rhythms from Spain & Turkey (limit to 20)

Music as a Bridge: Bringing People Together with Music

A talk with live music exploring ways to teach unity and tolerance, using music as a platform for meeting your opponent, your neighbor and the other. In addition, a discussion of the path of Music as a way to connect to the reality beyond all realities.

Sound Meditation as a Way for Healing and Peace

Music meditations based on the mystical teaching of Sufism and Hinduism. These sound meditations are designed to improve cognitive functioning while lowering stress, anxiety, irritability and depression. Experiencing live sound meditations often leads to the expansion of the mind nurturing a peaceful being. Such introspective self work have been proven in clinical trials to improve test scores, memory, and emotional regulation. With live music by Yuval Ron.

Healing and Transforming Consciousness Through Sacred Sound, Music and Dance:


Experience introspective and ecstatic practices of four ancient spiritual paths: Zen Buddhism, Kabbalistic Judaism, Early Contemplative Christianity and Sufi-Islam. This unique experiential seminar will journey deep into sacred music chanting, movement, and spiritual mindfulness practices, drawing from the hidden wisdom of the traditions of the East. These practices result in heart opening, increased compassion, deepening of inner explorations, and have been shown scientifically to impact the structure and function of the brain in ways that enhance memory, cognition and awareness. These practices also promote healing by lowering stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. The activities are based on Yuval Ron's work with master spiritual teachers of the East and neuroscientists of the West. Through this incredible journey to your inner world, you will have a rare perspective into the worlds of Zen Buddhist masters, mystic Sufi leaders, Kabbalistic Rabbis, leading Neuroscientists and scholars of the mysticism of Christianity. 

Music as Medicine in the Ancient East

A lecture-demonstration on how sound was used as medicine in biblical times by the Hebrews, and earlier in India as well as in the Ottoman Turkish empire. An analysis of the musical modes of the Mid East and some mention of the Indian ragas as powerful tools of the healers of the past. A live music demonstration how these modes modulate our feelings, emotions, and sense of light and darkness. This is a fascinating topic which often leave students stunned when they realize how impoverish the West was left after losing the spectrum of musical modes over the last 1000 years.