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educational videos.

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Educational videos about music cultures from around the world!

Currently, our video series includes the following programs:​

  • The Art of the Music of Yoruba Tribe, Africa 

  • The Art of the Music of Veracruz, Mexico 

  • The Art of Blues and Jazz

  • The Art of Armenian Music 

  • The Art of Persian Music  

  • The Art of Flamenco rhythms

  • The Art of Ancient poetry and music of Israel 

  • Western Classical Music: Art of the Solo Cello

  • The Art of Homemade Music Instruments Making

  • The Art of the Whirling Dervish (Sacred Dance)

  • The Art of "Mohiniyattam" Classical Indian Dance (Sacred Dance)

  • The Art of "Raq Sharqi" Middle Eastern Dance (folkloric Belly Dance)

  • Each of these is a 3-part video workshop, each episode is around 10 minutes long. ​


We're working on recording and producing more videos about various other world music and dance traditions! 

To receive an access pass to use these video series, please email a request detailing how it will be used and which community will benefit from it.

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