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"Children are the building blocks of society, and teaching peace must start through them. This is why I am working with children, because since I am not a politician that's my only way of spreading light and making a change into the world. One child at a time! Reminds me of my favorite quote from Maria Montessori :"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind." 


-Sophie Timpers




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By the end of the concert it was as if I had been listening to one unending song for a thousand years: the same voices, the same throats, the same dotted notes, timeless traced alng the longitudes of a woman's cheek and collarbone -- and I swear to the god who veils her face that I could not tell my own face from the face of my brother. From the faces of all the others there, the listening face dissolved with laughter in the broken light of shining tears. 

Audience Member

Pittsburg, PA

I just had the joy of listening to your ensemble at Temple Beth Israel. It was WONDERFUL! For the first time in my life I was able to enjoy and appreciate Arab music It was always in my background, I lived with it and dismissed it as not mine. Tonight I realized how close to mine it is. 

Audience Memeber - Jewish Community

Los Angeles, CA

I learned that in Hebrew language the word knowledge means "to know" which is found a lot in the Old Testament. When you know someone you see the creator, and if you see God inside of someone you have a greater appreciation for them. The Koran, the Muslim book, says God created the world to have different cultures, but the beauty of the creation is based on variety. The concert was a once in a lifetime event in my life and I hope I get a chance to witness it again soon.

Student of Christian College

Marshal, MI

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