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the world through music

World music record producer and Oscar-winning composer Yuval Ron shares sounds, music instruments, and stories from various cultures around the world. From the Talking drum of Africa to the trance rhythms of Morocco, to the mystical sounds of India, Israel, and Persia, this course involves the audience in dancing, music-making, and role-playing.

In addition to the historical background of the music, Yuval introduces the kids to concepts of compassion, oneness, social activism, care of the environment, and the responsibility to each other well- being. No music or dance experience is necessary. No need to bring any instruments - Yuval will provide a wide variety of instruments from his world music instruments collection.

brain health and music, an interactive installation

This is an interactive workshop that is installed in your space, whether it’s a community center, a high school, or a college. Experience sound that can increase blood flow in the brain, resulting in improved cognitive functions, memory, and increased concentration and focus.
In this installation, each participant will be provided with links to listen to music tracks on their own phone or device, and will receive information about the science behind the tracks and the Brain Entrainment technology used in the music. This installation offers a restful, calming break from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, and contributes to the participants’ increased sense of inner peace and overall wellbeing.

dances from around the world

Learn to Dance: Andalusian Moroccan Dance
Learn to Dance: Turkish Andalusian Folklore Dance
Learn to Dance: Israeli Folk Dances
Learn to Dance: Belly dance
Learn to Dance: Classical Indian Dance
Learn to Dance: Flamenco
Learn to Dance: African Dance

respect, compassion, courage and hope

Songs and storytelling that invoke and inspire these four higher virtues.

African-American and Hispanic music traditions and bridge building

For this assembly we bring in 3 master musicians, one from Africa, one from Latin America, and the third is a musical director who emcees the assembly, presents the program and performs with the Africa and Latin American masters. We demonstrate and discuss the influence of African music on Latin American music, the unique elements of each tradition, the history that led to the development of the music traditions and the value, beauty and importance of both. Length of program is 45min. 1 hour of set up on stage and sound check is required before the performance.

music as a bridge: bringing people together with music

A talk with live music exploring ways to teach unity and tolerance, using music as a platform for meeting people of different cultural or ethnic backgrounds and members of opposing groups. We offer 2 workshops: Armenian and Hispanic Music Traditions and Bridge Building; and African-American and Hispanic Music Traditions and Bridge Building.

soothe uncertainty: sound and breathing meditations

Breathing techniques and chanting meditation practices have been shown to impact the structure and function of the brain in ways that enhance memory, cognition, and awareness. They can also promote healing by lowering depression and anger. Learn tools for breathing and chanting meditation practices from the Ayurvedic medicine tradition of India and 6 healing sounds of qigong.
For students in high school and college.

mohiniyattam classical indian dance

Workshop with Lakshmi Vijaya. The movements of the dance form flow into a seamless synthesis of grace, physical strength, and balance, besides emotive expression, enabling them to connect with the power of their own femininity and is healing, therapeutic and empowering. A young girl aware of her innate power, is then able to take charge of every aspect of her life - be it physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing.

freedom of expression through music and dance improvisation

music, dance, and neuroscience workshops for teens who suffer from substance abuse

Series of workshops that introduce teens to the positive impact of music and dance on the brain and well-being. Using singing, dancing, clapping in poly rhythms, blues and hip hop songwriting, and discussions we give teens healthy, organic and accessible ways to reach a natural “high” that could lead them to avoid and heal from substance abuse.

sound mindfulness meditation as a way for healing and peace

Music mindfulness meditations practices that are designed to improve cognitive functioning while lowering stress, anxiety, irritability and depression. Experiencing live sound meditations often leads to the expansion of the mind nurturing inner peace. Such introspective self work has been proven in clinical trials to improve test scores, memory, and emotional regulation. With live music by Yuval Ron.

"kids sanctuary" mindfulness for children

This workshop offers guided listening and guided mindfulness activities for children k-8. Accompanied by live music by award-winning composer Yuval Ron, the participants are presented with affirmations and body awareness activities and will enjoy healing, soothing and relaxing music to cultivate inner peace, and foster self-regulation.

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