Amazing educational videos about music cultures from around the world!

Currently, our video series includes the following programs:

- The Art of the Music of Yoruba Tribe, Africa 

- The Art of the Music of Veracruz, Mexico 

- The Art of Blues and Jazz

- The Art of Armenian Music 

- The Art of Persian Music  

- The Art of Flamenco rhythms

- The Art of Ancient poetry and music of Israel 

- Western Classical Music: Art of the Solo Cello

- The Art of Homemade Music Instruments Making

- The Art of the Whirling Dervish (Sacred Dance)

- The Art of "Mohiniyattam" Classical Indian Dance (Sacred Dance)

- The Art of "Raq Sharqi" Middle Eastern Dance (folkloric Belly Dance)



Each of these is a 3-part video workshop, each episode is around 10 minutes long. 

We're working on recording and producing more videos about various other world music and dance traditions! 

To receive an access pass to use these video series, please email a request detailing how it will be used and which community will benefit from it.