Yuval Ron Ensemble, a world-class group... had a big impact on our community in a variety of ways, they are an inspiring, challenging, and memorable group.

Judith Eissenberg, Director, MusicUnitesUS

Brandeis University, Boston, MA

There are not many performances that make such an impact on me as the one did on Saturday. I could sense the spirituality in the concert, something that is missing so much in our modern society. And it wasn’t that artificial “New Age” hokum that passes for real spirituality, but the real thing. We were truly blessed to have the ensemble perform here.

Allan Seward, Technical Director, Arts Theater

Westchester Community College

I was completely transformed by your music. It took me to spiritual places in my soul and our collective Soul that I had not known before I experienced your amazing music. Thank you and your ensemble members, all brilliant as you are, for a life affirming experience.

Lori Kizzia, Director of Peace and Justice,

All Saints Church, Pasadena, CA

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By the end of the concert it was as if I had been listening to one unending song for a thousand years: the same voices, the same throats, the same dotted notes, timeless traced alng the longitudes of a woman's cheek and collarbone -- and I swear to the god who veils her face that I could not tell my own face from the face of my brother. From the faces of all the others there, the listening face dissolved with laughter in the broken light of shining tears. 

Audience Member

Pittsburg, PA

I just had the joy of listening to your ensemble at Temple Beth Israel. It was WONDERFUL! For the first time in my life I was able to enjoy and appreciate Arab music It was always in my background, I lived with it and dismissed it as not mine. Tonight I realized how close to mine it is. 

Audience Memeber - Jewish Community

Los Angeles, CA

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What you have provided to our school was more than a demonstration of middle easter music and instrumentation. You provided a spiritual journey to find peace and tolerance through music.

Taricio Vinicio Lara, Ed.D. Principal at Valencia Academy of the Arts

Pico Rivera, CA

Ever since I have reached the USA (12th Sep, 2005) crises were crushing me. Starvation smashes me everyday. Uncertainty engulfs me. I almost forgot the boon and beauty of life. The magic of your music, the might of your melody has reminded me the fact breathing is simply thrilling, life is really enticing as long as it responds to something luminous. I immersed myself into your music completely and brushed aside all my crises for the time being. My hearfelt Gratitude to you as once again you have taught me to love life. 

Audience Member From a Muslim Community

San Bernadino, CA

The Yuval Ron Ensemble's poetry, melodies, rhythms and movements transcend political, linguistic and religious divisions. Ron is a master storyteller, whose soft-spoken sincerity and insights promote human solidarity, serving as a powerful antidote to our pessimism and cynicism. By the end of the concert, the audience once again believes in the possibilities for peace and friendship among Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Joel Glick, Oregon Education Association (OEA)

Portland, OR

The Yuval Ron Ensemble seamlessly blends extraordinary musical achievement with vivid storytelling. I was greatly impressed by their ability to capture the musical traditions, the history, and the many cultures of the Middle East within the universal message of peace, while being artistically stimulating and emotionally moving. Their genuine desire to have meaningful interaction with the audience was truly refreshing, whether during the show, afterward, or even over a casual cup of coffee the next day. I know they made a lot of people happy in Eugene.

Milo Petruziello, Cultural Forum

Oregon State University

Beautiful stories, music, and peace.

Jennifer Cervantes, Hope Through Housing

San Bernardino, CA

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