School Assembly

Inspired Sound Initiative

1. Who

Any grade and any quantity that the school can provide. We prefer doing a full school assembly, if not possible we can do 1/3 or 2/3 or 1/2 of the school population, or as little as one class, depending on school space and schedule limitations. 

2. When

Any time during the school year.

3. What

A series of 3 music and dance workshops that emphasize the values of Harmony, Unity and Mutual Respect, as well as Inner Peace and Tolerance. 

4. How

7. Educational Merits

Inspired Sound Initiative

Inspirational music, poetry, story telling and dance

5. Length

45-90 minutes, up to the school to determine.

6. Interactive

Students will be involved in learning and playing rhythms with their hands, learning to sing part of the songs, learning to do some of the dance movements.

1.  Familiarity with ways to achieve Inner-peace and a sense of well-being

2. Understanding of the value of Peaceful Conflict Resolution with the other.

3.  Grow in flexibility, concentration, coordination and cooperation

4.  Knowledge and appreciation of global cultural diversity

5.  Raise the students’ awareness of themselves as keepers of the Earth

6.  Sense of brotherhood and sisterhood with all living beings

7. Cultural and historical music and dance forms and traditions are influenced by the values of the society they represent

8.  How to use knowledge of cultural, folkloric, traditional and historical music and dance traditions to translate into artistic performance and civil tolerance.

8. Artists Personnel

4-8 musicians, 1 dancer

9. Faculty

Any faculty available should be present. 

10. Equipment

IF more than 100 students or in large space, sound system and an operator

(5 mics on boom stands) should be provided by the school. IF not possible, Inspired Sound will provide. 

11. Survey Forms and Video

Inspired Sound will bring along a documentary videographer who will film the workshops for archival and fund raising purposes. One page Survey Forms required for grant funding of the program will be sent to school and students would need to fill up forms before, right after and 3 weeks after the workshop. 

12. Costs

Zero - All costs of transportation and artists/educators fees are provided by Inspired Sound Initiative.