Inspired Sound Initiative

“One listener at the shelter indicated that before the concert they felt, "Disconnected, unhappy, unsure," but left feeling, "Peaceful, happy, inspired." What a change! Shelter Music Boston was honored to connect the world music of the Yuval Ron Ensemble, with Bridge Over Troubled Waters, thanks to Inspired Sound Initiative. Providing access to live music is critical, especially to audiences who would otherwise go without this transformative and healing experience!”  

Carrie Eldridge-Dickson, Managing Director of Shelter Music Boston

Boston, MA

"What you have provided to our school was more than a demonstration of middle eastern music and instrumentation. You provided a spiritual journey to find peace and tolerance through music."

Tarcio Vinicio Lara, Ed.D. Principal at Valencia Academy of the Arts

Pico Rivera, CA

"Inspired Sound Initiative brought something to disenfranchised youth that they may have not received anywhere else. It invited them to listen to music in a new way, send it into their soul and see what happens! What I witnessed happening was an expression of love, peace and permission to be oneself while music worked it’s magic.  One youth literally back flipped on the stage! Our youth are used to expression through rap music, but this experience taught them that musical expression can happen through many genres.  Thank you to this beautiful group that gave us permission to find our Promise Land through music. An experience that will never be forgotten."

Aubree Sweeney, LMFT, Executive Director

Rancho San Antonio, Chatsworth, CA

"What a great assembly! our students need to be exposed to other cultures, music, and traditions! This is amazing!"

Ms. Gricelda Gutierrez, 1st grade teacher

Telfair Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA

"I like this assembly, it is so interactive!"

Ms. Cristina Molfetta, 2nd grade teacher at Telfair Elementary School

Los Angeles, CA

"The work Inspired Sound Initiative has brought to APCH has been a refreshing learning experience for all of our members. For the youth in South LA, their content was new, interactive, enriching and fun! We are looking forward to continuing our work together."

Jewel Delegall, Performing Arts Education Director

A Place Called Home, South Central, Los Angeles

"His knowledge of classical, world and jazz music combined with his ability to convey the spirit and beauty of each is abundantly clear at every performance, workshop and class. Mr. Ron’s believes that music is the universal language and common ground, which serves to unite all people. His deep commitment to world peace and social justice permeates his music, home, and business."

Sharon Gordon Donnan, LAUSD, Elementary School teacher

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Inspired Sound Initiative

"It was great working with you these past two years. Our students benefitted from your presentations of positivity and peace. Thank you for continuing to support our students."

Felia Ceron, Telfair Elementary School LAUSD

San Fernando Sylmar/Panorama City Community of Schools

"... the lecture was great and the students had an insightful discussion afterwards, bringing in themes of orientalism and religious diversity.......The concert also provided a catalyst for critical thinking around questions of cultural representation. From all accounts, we not only met, but exceeded the anticipated student learning outcomes."

Lauren Stuart Muller, Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies City College of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

“Yuval Ron met the students where they were and with the masterful ease and

skill of an exceptional teacher, he and his brilliant ensemble played beautiful 

global melodies and rhythms, music that roused the young audience into deeper presence with one another, while awakening a collective sense of their true connection to the peoples of the world.”

Robert Corman, Global Kids, Bronx Studio School for Writing and Arts

New York, NY

"Yuval Ron Ensemble, a world-class group... had a big impact on our community in a variety of ways, they are an inspiring, challenging, and memorable group."

Judith Eissenberg, Director, MusicUnitesUS

Brandeis University, Boston, MA

“Yuval and the ensemble brought calming yet captivating energy into the classroom that simply transformed the room. The students absolutely love it!”

Diamond Butler, Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists

Bronx, NY

"There are not many performances that make such an impact on me as the one did on Saturday. I could sense the spirituality in the concert, something that is missing so much in our modern society. And it wasn’t that artificial “New Age” hokum that passes for real spirituality, but the real thing. We were truly blessed to have the ensemble perform here."

Allan Seward, Technical Director, Arts Theater

Westchester Community College

"I was completely transformed by your music. It took me to spiritual places in my soul and our collective Soul that I had not known before I experienced your amazing music. Thank you and your ensemble members, all brilliant as you are, for a life affirming experience."

Lori Kizzia, Director of Peace and Justice

All Saints Church, Pasadena, CA

"It was AWESOME. The kids loved it...the Ensemble was great. The classes were wonderful and the performance was terrific."

Brett Carroll, Choirs Director, Burbank High School

Burbank, CA

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“Thank you so much again for sharing these resources with us! Our members loved it and some of them recalled the fun workshops you previously brought to APCH! Our elementary members definitely enjoyed each video, especially the vocal parts & body percussion videos. Thank you and everyone at Inspired Sound Initiative for sharing these wonderful resource with us!"

Ollin Balderas, Music Department Coordinator, A Place Called Home

South Central Los Angeles, CA

"The Yuval Ron Ensemble's poetry, melodies, rhythms and movements transcend political, linguistic and religious divisions. Ron is a master storyteller, whose soft-spoken sincerity and insights promote human solidarity, serving as a powerful antidote to our pessimism and cynicism. By the end of the concert, the audience once again believes in the possibilities for peace and friendship among Muslims, Christians and Jews."

Joel Glick, Oregon Education Association (OEA)

Portland, OR

"..a terrific and moving performance yesterday. The students I spoke to afterwards loved it and were really inspired. We were honored to have The Yuval Ron Ensemble perform on campus and what a positive response they got from the students."

Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of History, California State University

San Marcos, CA

​"It was such an awesome experience to have you,Yuval, with our class."

Zuria Malpica, Chinook West High School

Nederland, CO

"…Yuval Ron’s presentations had been so well prepared and presented, and I am so grateful for his devotion and generosity in sharing his talent. I know the kids have loved each and every presentation he has done for us over the years. Yuval have been such an amazing inspiration to all of us, children and staff."

Doah Zohbi, Director, Exploring Minds Montessori pre-school

Valley Glenn, CA

"The evening performance was mesmerizing. Yuval is a gifted communicator and his ensemble was comprised of high caliber musicians and singers."

Denise Nelson Nash, Vice President of Public Affairs CalTech

Pasadena, CA

"Thanks so much for being so great and giving to my students."

Martin Urbach, Harvest Collegiate High School

Manhattan, NY

"… coming together of people from the three main Middle Eastern religious groups in a peaceful way is a gift. Not only the Yuval Ron Ensemble members are role-modeling, they are giving people a chance to come together in a safe space so that they can start to deal with people from other religions in a non-stereotypical way."

Dr. Sally Childs-Helton, Butler University, IN

Burbank, CA

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